Here are three example charts of human energetic fields:

As it is the view of the energy currents in a permanently streaming and pulsing parallel world
I used a schematic representation for a better understanding.
In this world energies, feelings, pains etc. are to be seen in color, light, form and movement.
Each chart is individually different.
Imagine a picture of an apple. One quarter was cut out, to
illustrate the internal layers. The sectional plane shows all essential components and facts.
Again: The chart is are to be seen like a human dead body, that was opened in an
abduktion, the inside organs are to be seen and someone draws a picture of it.
To draw the energies/auras like they are in reality - a transparent, fluctuating, colored "mass" -
would be scarcely possible and would lead to entire unintelligiblity.
For a better understanding a dark background was selected. (the energy world doesnt know the color black)

Here the chart of a man
(gender is accidental) :

Description of the situation:
The endless long "tan"-outgrowths (I like to call them lohen) <1> are very rare; in this type even unique.
The subtile sensoric tentacles <2> at the end have very fine senses and are used to feel and touch persons permanentely recognizing finest changes and nuances of situations and persons.
These lohen-outgrowths form themselves again and again permanently new and then decay.
Unfortunately they are very weak and have no substance.
The Lohen-outgrowths, which are the connection to the woman <3>
are powerful and steady because they are permeated by the energy of the woman and transport her power to the aura and renews parts of the aura-skin and is strengthening.
Under the skin an quiet, uniform and rythmic flow of energy is pulsing.<4>.
The turbulences (connection to the physical world) are disguises and not clearly to be seen.
That is meant neither positively nor negatively - it only means that the turbulences harmonize with the total current.
The picture shows a larger turbulence, that has a functional disorder.

<5> Its an hardening.
The current cannot permeate the hardening and has to permeate around; this is causing powers shift. Next to the hardening learned/suffered wisdom is whirling. <6> in a soft, but static movement. Supporting substantials <7> are strongly pulsing through the currents.
They get drive and movement through a spiritual connection <8>. They contain strengthening power but fluctuating because of belief deficiency and internal anxieties.

Comment (image C 1 + 2)):
If the Lohen-outgrowths palpate a person or situation the
aura-skin has to be opened short-termed to push some power out of the internal current.
Growing self-confidence, fearless palpating and power output will finally brace up the internal energies and
will yield positive variations because supporting energies will flow back from the outside.
These energies can hopefully remove the hardening
partially or entirely.


 Chart No. 2

The very strong Lohenfield (1) sprays in fine cone of rays. That causes an additional armour-plate. Feelings, thoughts and deeds are powerful leaveing the skin surface and Lohen. But
usually the connection is detached (2) too early. Therefore these energy bundles, although spirited and powerful, do not always reach their goals with the intentional effect.
Only a few streaming through Lohen are permanently powerful, e.g. the connection to the man (3) is strong and tough.

In equally strong way as feelings, thoughts and deeds are leaving the Lohenfield   they attract external energies(5). But the strong ray power of the Lohen causes that the surface of the
energy bundles starts spraying fine to better pass the aura skin.
Like meteors they fall through and land without being penetrated and with unchanged color and kernel form. (6)
In the internal aura they are gargling in the currents without ever being assimilated completely.
The internal currents are pulsing irregular; this can cause agitations and sudden wave movements.
In spite of this irregularity (7), the internal flow is powerful and healthy.


When the energy bunches are delivered and reach their goal, it is recommended to hold the connection for a while in order to obtain a better effect.
Regarding the received energies as well as feelings, thoughts, deeds etc.  will it be more profitable and instructive if they will be viewed slowely with grant and leisure.
In addition to this the bounce on the Lohenskin must be adapted a little to the internal current.


 Chart Nr. 3

1) Aura-skin is partially hardened because of weird experiences,
but otherwise intact. These experiences were incisively and massive and are capsulated in this places of the skin.

2) Powerful worked out thoughts and emotions are leaving shapely
that uniformly pulsing skin.

3) Connections to the beloved persons/things go partially
even under the skin and co-operate decisively in the internal (4).

5) Incoming strange messages are not stoped softley;  mostly they are are braked hardly and stoped outside the skin to get a better sight and review.

6) A continuous positive further development is causing new fluctuations and movements in the internal.

7) Red emotion fields occasionally overload the pulsing internal movements and  lead to harsh outbreaks (8) which however quickly unload and