What is an aura?

In the everyday linguistic usage the word "aura" and other terms, which are associated with the word aura, are used commonly. Like observation that someone is emitting an energy of sorts that is received by others, and can be particularly intense . Or one says that someone "radiates" with luck or joy. Other surround themselves with a "magic, mysterious" aura, which pulls one into its spell. Some talk also about good or bad "oscillations" of a person. This conception also seems to be the basis for many idioms of the youth language that humans are surrounded by radiation fields. even before the 70's, when terms like "vibes" or "vibrations" , took hold in mainstream culture and linguistics, these observations of this phenomenon were made and documented. Or one has the feeling to be with someone "on the same wave". Thus the conceptions of auras and radiant emittances of the human body in our everyday life seem "to swing-along" implicitly.
 But what is the definition the word aura? If one looks for this term in an encyclopedia, one will find out that it is a latin word and means “breath" or "airwave" "luminous-effected light, allegedly observable radiant emittance of the human body shaped by sensitive persons, comparably to the holy light of the Christian iconography personality." (Brockhaus encyclopedia (1987) S.331, Mannheim: Of Brockhaus GmbH.)
In Meyers new encyclopedia the aura describes it as follows: "... as chromatic spectrum, which surrounds the body cloud or light wreath-like ".
 The conception of an aura is based on the idea by invisible energy bodies or systems, which surround the physical body and penetrate and is closely linked with the conception of a universal life energy. In different border-scientific publications, in which the current meaning of the esoteric concepts of non-material bodies and energies are discussed, it is agreeing maintained that excessive parallels for that are to be found in every old culture.
According to the conceptions John Pierrakos, a co-worker of Wilhelm Reich, the aura has three layers, which surround the body like cloud-similar coverings. These layers are formed at the age of two to three years. The internal layer is very narrow and nearly transparent, these calls it the "bioelectric field" or also "ethereal double". It has similar o the other aura models a biological function and is connected with the physical health of humans. The second layer has a width of about 7-9 cms.

Pierrakos describes the complicated and complex movements of this second layer in detail. Those movement samples are connected with the emotions of humans.
The outside layer usually has a width of 15 to 20 cm in a closed room, and can expand in the free space up to several meters. On the sea he observed even an expansion of up to 30 meters. In this layer he sees mainly spirals and vortices. With the help of the aura a lively energy exchange of the body with the environment takes place. Certain feelings or experiences can block this energy-from-dip.
 "Other" perception a qualitative investigation of the Ontogenese

and individual representation of the aura seeing as an paranormal phenomen
Free University of Berlin
Specialist area: Educating sciences and psychology thesis (diploma)
in the diploma course of studies psychology
author: Oliver Amm

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